24ft Wide x 96ft Long x 6ft Tall EZ Up & Down Chicken Run Pen / Garden Fence


Buy (24ft Wide x 96ft Long x 6ft Tall) EZ Up & Down Chicken Run Pen / Garden Fence

Buy (24ft Wide x 96ft Long x 6ft Tall) EZ Up & Down Chicken Run Pen / Garden Fence This is another Pinnon Hatch Farms original design. This is an excellent well designed product. We think you will like it as well as we do. We have over 30 years experience with fencing & netting. There are a lot of pictures above & instructions included with this kit outlining the installation process. If you have any questions, you can call us. This kit makes an excellent permanent fence. That is what I am using it for. It keeps out the wild birds, rabbits, raccoons, dogs, etc. It is also particularly well designed to meet the needs of maybe somebody renting a house, or you own a house & plan on moving & are wanting to put up a temporary fence. You can easily take it with you when they move, or maybe you’re raising a garden & want to leave a fence up for 3 or 4 months out of the year. You can quickly & easily take it down at the end of the year. When you take the fence down put the included yellow plugs in the ground inserts so that the holes stay clean. In the spring till your garden and put the fence back up.

This kit includes everything except for the Chicken House & the 10’ Top Rail Pipes & EMT (you will need to purchase these from Home Depot to complete construction). The shipping cost on the 10’ long poles is expensive. It saves money for the customer to buy those at Home Depot.

you will needs to Purchase from Home Depot :
19 pcs. 10′ 6″ Top Rail Pipe (Customer Buys from Home Depot SKU # 181697)
10 pcs. 1″ 10’ EMT (Customer Buys Home Depot SKU # 580015)

This kit includes everything you need except for the 10’ Top Rail Pipes & EMT (these will need to be purchased from Home Depot to complete construction). It is too expensive to ship those. It saves money for the customer to pick them up at Home Depot. This kit includes the H.D.P.E. Netting, PVC Coated Chicken Wire, Fence Poles, Brace Poles, Corners, Door, Hinges, & Latch, Screws, All Canopy Fittings, Prop pole base & top, Ground Inserts, Auger Bit, Cable Ties, & even a Cable Tie Gun to tighten and cut off the Extra Heavy Duty 120 lb. cable ties.

– Available in Several Different Sizes
– The netting material is a 1” Knitted H.D.P.E. I have had some of this netting up for over 20 years & it is still good netting.
– The fencing material is a 6’ tall Black PVC Coated Galvanized Chicken Wire, good looks, long lasting.
– When installing the ground inserts you are drilling a 1.5″ diameter hole in the Ground 12″ deep. If you want to move the fence, you can pull these back out with a crow bar on each side of the insert.
– The angle braces to keep the netting from pulling the top of the pen in are driven in at an angle so there is very little disruption of the soil or grass. You can also lift these up to mow, then kick them back in with your foot. The prop poles just move to one side when mowing.


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